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Process Serving

Why Choose a Process Server?


Process Servers are hired to deliver, or 'serve' legal documents on parties to legal proceedings.

There are rules that must be followed when serving legal documents to ensure that service on the intended individual is considered valid in the eyes of the law. The manner in which a person is served depends on things like:

  • type of document to be served

  • level of court/governing legislation for court

  • and more....


If a legal document is not served correctly or the subsequent document (Affidavit of Service) is not completed as set out in the rules, it can lead to potential prejudice, including, but not limited to, additional costs to re-serve documents, time delay which exceeds the deadline for service, time delay which results in parties depleting assets, inability to obtain judgment, and more.

Hiring a Process Server is meant to ensure the rules are being followed, the documents are being completed properly, and the legal process can advance to the next intended stage.

Why Choose Leo Traits?
You should choose us because we are Diligent, Dependable,
Determined and Devoted


  1. Owner/Operator is licensed Paralegal with a  history of legal assistance and specific experience serving legal documents

  2. Knowledgeable of rules of service for Small Claims, Superior Court, Family court matters and Ontario Courts of Justice matters.

  3. Understand the necessity and importance of accuracy and detail

  4. Recognize that observations made during attempts at service may be useful for enforcement or identification later - notes on observations taken each time service attempted

  5. Knowledgeable of and sensitive to deadlines provided for service under the Rules

  6. Understand potential consequences of serving a document incorrectly or causing unnecessary delay due to errors in subsequent documents

  7. Experienced with motions relating to evasion of service

  8. Understand importance of contents of Affidavits of Attempted Service

  9. Recognize the importance of communication, provide updates, and will provide a report of service attempts with observations that may be helpful for enforcement or identification later (if required)

  10. Commissioner will witness the swearing of two original Affidavits for each completed service

We know what it takes!! 
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Documents Frequently Served by Process Servers


  • Plaintiff's Claim

  • Statement of Claim

  • Family Law Applications (divorce, support, division of property) 

  • Notice of Examination

  • Notice of Contempt Hearing

  • Subpoena/Summons

  • and more...

Leo Traits Process Serving

and Legal Assistance

Phone:    289-686-8568

Fax:        855-677-5934
Email:     leotraits@cogeco.ca
Address​​​​​​: 17-7000 McLeod Rd., Suite 302  

             Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 7K3


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DISCLAIMER: Leo Traits Process Serving and Legal Assistance does not currently operate as a Paralegal service to the public, as such, accessing or using this website does not establish a paralegal-client relationship, and the information on this site does not constitute legal advice or opinion, if you have a legal question, you should always consult with a paralegal or lawyer. Please note that a professional relationship based on the services that are provided by Leo Traits Process Serving and Legal Assistance is only established upon written confirmation from Leo Traits Process Serving and Legal Assistance acknowledging that they will complete the requested service. We at Leo Traits Process Serving and Legal Assistance are unable to guarantee the security of e-mail transmissions, please be advised that by sending confidential e-mail messages or by using our online contact forms (which are not encrypted) you accept the risks of such uncertainty and possible lack of confidentiality over the Internet.