Pricing for Services

(Prices updated as of August 2, 2019)

Process Serving

Niagara Falls, Chippawa---------------------------------- $50.00

St. Catharines, NOTL, Thorold, Welland----------------$55.00

Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach etc.---------------- $65.00

Pelham, Lincoln, Wainfleet, Port Colborne------------- $65.00

West Lincoln, Grimsby -----------------------------------  $70.00

Price Includes:

  • 1 Individual to be served

  • maximum 3 Attempts (only 1 round trip of gas will be charged)

  • Preparation of, commissioning of, and printing of - 2 Originally Sworn Affidavits of Service or Affidavits of Attempted Service

  • Updates and report of observations from service attempts (which may include chattel/property information, photos, physical descriptions, etc.)


Additional fees for Process Serving

Rush Service ------------------------------------------add $35.00

Additional party (same address, same time)-----add $20.00/party

Filing of Affidavit of Service-------------------------add $30.00/file


Requests and all materials must be provided by 11 a.m. for same day or overnight service

Online Investigation/Skip Trace

Detailed online research ------- $85.00 + tax

Skip Trace (if successful) ------ $180.00 + tax + mileage + disbursements

Skip Trace (if unsuccessful) --- $125.00 + tax + mileage + disbursements

** Skip trace (whether successful or not, includes detailed online research)

Other Investigation Services in Niagara Region  

Court Filing/Issuing/File Retrieval

Court filing @ Welland

or St. Catharines Courthouse-----  $30.00 per file (minimum)

Court issuing @ Welland

or St. Catharines Courthouse-----  $35.00 per file (minimum)

Court File Retrieval @ Welland

or St. Catharines Courthouse ----  $35.00 per file (minimum)

Additional files

same time same place ------------  $15.00 per file (minimum)


@ other Ontario Courthouses----  contact for quote

Same Day/Overnight matters----  add $35.00



**Depending on volume of documents to be filed/issued for 1 file

there may be additional fees**

In the event documents are rejected by court staff as a result of errors or actions on the part of the legal professional hiring Leo Traits, the legal professional will still be charged for the attempt at filing/issuing the documents


Requests and all materials must be provided by 11 a.m. for same day or overnight service

Enforcement Documentation/Drafting

(For General Public and Legal Professionals)

Drafting, issuing, filing for Noting

in Default & Default Judgment ---- starts @ $125.00 + tax

Drafting, issuing, serving, filing

Garnishment documents ----------- starts @ $160.00 + tax

Drafting, issuing, filing

Writ documents --------------------- starts @ $170.00 + tax

Drafting, issuing, serving, filing

Notice of Examination ------------- starts @ $140.00 + tax

** Prices are not inclusive of mileage and disbursements

Remote/Virtual Legal Assistance

(For Legal Professionals ONLY)

Digital Transcription of the following:

Drafting Legal Correspondence                Drafting Pleadings                 

Drafting Agreements                               Copy Typing

Drafting Motion Materials                        Drafting Affidavits                 


(May include but are not limited to)

Gas Expense -------------- $0.95/Km    

Photocopying/Printing---  $0.35/page

Postage--------------------- @ cost         

Courier/Xpress post ------ $65.00 flat fee (by request only)

Parking---------------------- @ cost       

Court fees ------------------ @ cost

Corporate Searches-------- @ cost         

Bankruptcy Searches------ @ cost

Property Searches--------- @ cost                          


**Prices listed above may not include applicable taxes or disbursements, contact for personal quote**

Gas will be charged @ $0.95/km

All invoices are due no later than 15 days from the date on the invoice.

All overdue amounts accrue interest at a rate of 12% per annum

Leo Traits Process Serving

and Legal Assistance

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Fax:        855-677-5934
Address​​​​​​: 17-7000 McLeod Rd., Suite 302  

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